Re: Installation of Eraser causes Explorer to hang/crash



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We never really recieved an answer to *why* this is happening. Would someone mind taking a crack at it. Clearly, a number of people have experienced this issue. All with, undoubtedly, vastly different systems and configurations. The *only* known universal being Eraser. I would definitely like to hear what the author(s) have to say on this. And...would really like to avoid this issue in the future...if at all possible.

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You got an answer, but let me repeat it again: it's quite probably because you enabled background entropy polling from Eraser preferences and Windows Explorer doesn't handle multi-threaded shell extensions that well. Or, it could be the well known bug in Windows, which causes it to randomly hang when an application reads performance data from the registry. Maybe it's both, who knows.

Anyway, this is why people usually experience these problems, and it is the only known reason as well. In the previous thread you told us you experience Explorer crashes as soon as you install Eraser. Even before you right click an item in Explorer? That's weird. If you haven't enabled entropy polling, this must be caused by something else then. However, since I am unable to reproduce the problem, it is nearly impossible for me to remotely diagnose it. This leads to not being able to give you a better answer. If you continue to experience these problems, maybe you should try disabling the shell extension altogether?

Now, I have personally never experienced these problems with the shell extension, whether entropy polling is enabled or not. However, as a lot of people have had unfortunate crashes, I suppose Garrett is going to remove this option from the upcoming release so people won't feel obligated to enable it.