Re-writing Eraser?

Mr Bob

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I have been an Eraser user now for several years. I have always trusted Eraser mainly because: 1)I know it works and is bug-free - thanks to SAMI, 2)because of my perception of who Sami is and what he came up with (I used to email him, but Im sure you know him well)
When he dumped Eraser for whatever reason, and it was newly released by you I was somewhat wary of using it. However I have 5.6 and feel you have not compromised the integrity of the product.
But - I was alarmed (as another poster was) when you mentioned in a post that you wanted to totally re-write it!
And I did not see a reply to that posters concern.
Why would you want to do that?
"If its not broken, dont fix it" [^]
Well I am undecided here. You see Eraser is a great product. But users keep asking for more and more features. This would mean that the perfectly working eraser GUI would start to become a butchered mess.

What I had thought of doing was creating a new GUI with all these new features but NOT touching the eraser engine itself. Just the frontend.

Your answer satisfied me Garrett...I wouldnt rally know just what other users are requesting on a perfectly user-friendly and working-well product! Maybe "easier, more automated ways" of doing it? I find the best way when it come to security progs is not necessarily the EASIEST. One has to work at it with vigilance. Good example is "Evidence Eliminator" which I first used before finding Eraser. It did "everything for me" [^]. Even though i learned a few things.
But how does one know what "everything" is?
Using Eraser, one does! Cause you gotta SET it that way!
If Im making sense here...[?]
Its a simple newbie viewpoint.
I understand your concerns. Sami suggested creating a seperate
app with all these new features. Even so there would still be overlap.

Rest-assured eraser will still maintain its good integrity.