Reading the ERSX file


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Is there a way to open this file in a readable format in order to see what a previous ERASER session did? I can see all sorts of warning/error messages about what cluster tips were not erased if I look at this in text formate but there are also what appear to be encrypted fields. I am wondering if this file can be used to see what files/directories, etc. were erased. I imported it into eraser as a task list and see what appears to be the options set. I am wondering how much I can get from this file in the way of a historical log.

Thanks for your help.
In short, no.

The file is a binary format generated by the .NET runtime. I'm planning to rewrite it to save to XML, which would be human readable as well, but that is planned for Eraser 6.2. Eraser does not keep track of what files/directories were erased, that would be dependent on the erasure targets defined in the task. That can be seen from the Task Properties dialog, when you double-click on a task.