Reboot after wipe


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Hello folks,
I used dban to wipe a hopelessly infected computer (Dell Dimension 4550). Although it worked, I am having trouble with the computer rebooting at all. I turned the computer off and then on again..and there is nothing going on. No hard drive movement, no monitor, nothing. The computer is on though (it has power). I'm not sure what is wrong. Can anyone help me? Its someone elses computer, so i need to fix it so it can at least boot to a DOS prompt.

Thanks for the help
Always provide the manufacturer and model of a computer when reporting a problem.

Do you know what infected the computer? Was it a virus that tries to change the BIOS flash?

First, pull the CMOS battery from the motherboard, wait fifteen minutes, and then start the computer without the CMOS battery.

Second, ensure that the internal PC speaker is connected. The motherboard may be issuing a beep code during POST.

Third, get the computer serviced.
Were you able to fix the problem

I was just wondering if you were able to get the computer working. I used DBAN to wipe out my teenage brothers old computer before giving it to my 4 year-old because it was so overrun with issues. It is a dell dimension 4500S. I am having the same problem, it does not do anything when I turn it on. The power light is on, but it does not send any signal to the monitor and it does not attempt to read the drives.

Were you able to fix the problem

The instructions provided by dajhorn was accurate. It seems that CMOS was corrupted somehow. Remove the battery/or jumper and place back in 15 minutes later. It worked fine for me. :D