Recover deleted file using Eraser?


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I deleted a file using Eraser from Recycle Bin using Gutman method, is there any way I can recover it? It is an important file.
Can anyone help me please? I deleted an important file and I carelessly right clicked on Recycle Bin and chose Eraser option. The default setting was Guttmann... any possible way to recover?
From experience, I'd say no (since the whole point of Eraser was to remove files permanently... if you somehow manage to, then I'd be very interested to know since that means Eraser isn't working properly.
I heard the the Eraser developer "Joel" is basically a kid who doesn't know what the hell he's doing, and has made Eraser worse. I recall reading a scathing report of his abilities, but I think it was posted on the Eraser forums and was deleted.

CCleaner, on the other hand, has a very experienced developer who clearly knows what they're doing.

Is Eraser only developed by one person? A forum user claims Joel made things worse?
Currently yes, I'm the only one doing development. I'd love to have help around here, but that seems rather far and few between. Garrett and my decision to use C# instead of the "harder" C++ seems to have had very little help on development.

I can't remember which post it was the TrueCrypt forum was referring to (I remember vaguely a similar post somewhere in Wilders Security as well -- and there are always two sides of such arguments), it could be buried under here. But I think it would be best if I stay away from flame war fuel. I guess the best judge would be to see for yourself if Eraser does what you want and if people are able to back up what they say with evidence.
Thanks for your vote of confidence -- I guess the challenge (as always) would be to continually improve the product (getting difficult since I'm rather short of time now.) I read the review and I do agree Eraser is lacking on the streamlinedness and compactness department (in terms of resource consumption) -- I hope to resolve that in future. Currently it's not over the top (IMO, for most data sets) but could definitely improve.