Recover Deleted Photos from Android FREE

Iris Cheng

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If you want to recover deleted photos from Android phone, you need to use Android Data Recovery. It can scan your Android phone and SD card deeply to find the deleted and lost photos for you. You can preview and recover any of them from your phone to computer. Learn how to recover deleted photos from Android. Besides photos, you can also recover messages, videos, contacts, call logs, Whatsapp messages, music, books and other document files from your Android phone.
Photo recovery software needs access to the raw file system in order to recover photos (In the case of FAT filesystems it needs access to the File Allocation Table). This is

simply not possible with Windows Phone 7, 8 or even most of the more recent android devices as they use MTP (WP8 and Android) to communicate with the PC which

does not expose the Filesystem directly to the host but acts as a layer inbetween. This has the advantage that the PC does not need to understand or know what filesystem

is used by the device, but this also means that you can not use recovery software.
If you want recover deleted photos from Android for free, we need have backup Android data regularly. When we have deleted Android data, or lost Android photos by accident, we can recover photos from backup. But when we no have backup, we can recover deleted Android photos? With Eelphone Android Data Recovery, you can recover deleted photos from Android even if no have backup, which can detected your Android deeply, all detected Android data can be recovered.
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