Recover lost/stolen Iphone 7 data without recent backup

Hi all,

Does anyone know a method to retrieve pictures from a Iphone 7 when the most recent backup was a long time ago? The phone is gone, lost to the bottom of a river. It has been backed up with iTunes / iCloud but not for a year. Are there any tools build in to the Iphone 7 or default settings that might have saved pictures somewhere? It came from the apple store and I don't think that any of these default settings have been changed.

Any tips or links to other forum threads would be very great. It had a year of travel pictures on it.



If I don't get any backup files, is there any simple and useful way to recover those lost or deleted iPhone files, you don't need to be depressed, the iTunes and iCloud backup can restore lost data, else the iPhone data recovery tool will give you the solution to recover iPhone photos, videos, sms, iMessages, call history, notes, voicemail, bookmarks and more.
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