Recovering files...


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I stupidly ran Eraser on a HDD with an ecrypted folder on it (encrypted with Secure Files) and...the encrypted folder was deleted.
Is there any chance at all of recovering this folder? The folder contained a single .rar file.

Eraser was run once, with Pseudorandom data option (1 pass)

The file recovery apps I have tried can see the deleted folder, but are unable to recover anything else.

Thanks for any help!
By the way, my System Restore points seem to be intact, but when I try to do a system restore it fails ("The system was unable to restore your computer...")

I am on Windows XP Pro, SP2
Unfortunately there will be little chance unless you have a back up (you do have a back up don't you) knocking about somewhere...
Yeah I thought as much, thanks for the reply.
No back up (I know, I know...) but nothing irreplacable either, so a lesson learned...