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I used Dban on a system with 2 HDs, I only wanted to wipe HD1 but by accident HD2 was partially wiped. Dban booted and started with step 1, I caught it while it was doing step 2 on HD1 and halted the process.

My question is this: can I recover the data on HD2?
If so, how?

Currently, HD2 shows up in Bios screen, but does not show up in my computer, system is running Win98se.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I reckon the partition table was wiped. You might and that is a big might recover it with some older dos disk repair utilities.

Some of the other users may have better ideas.

Any names?

Any idea what those tools might be called? I'm trying to use hiren's bootcd now... its chalk-full of recovery tools, I'm just hoping one of them works.