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I was using eraser to erase some video files, then I found that it started erasing a (mpg) file I don't want to erase. I stopped it, however, the file became corrupted. Is there any way to recover this video clip?
Hi :)

You will not be able to recover anything that Eraser has overwritten. However you may be able to recover the part of the video clip you had that had not yet been overwritten by Eraser.

Eraser destroys data, use with caution !!!! :shock:
I am no data recovery specialist but I hear Restoration is a good program and its free too !
Recuva is free, I've used it to verify (and disprove) some claims of "Eraser-erased files can still be recovered"

Yes, well done Joel I had forgotten about Recuva, it does seem to work very well. :)
I have Undetete Plus and Restoration which are freeware and Tuneup utilities (which is paided) which has a undelete utility which takes more than 10 minutes to do its scan so I dont use it , I got tunup for it's registry cleaner. But Tuneup's undelete does NOT restore by copying the file and Undetete Plus restores by copying the file. Tuneup can also restore to a alternative location.