Recycle Bin erasing with Eraser 6


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I have a Windows shortcut that erased the Recycle Bin with Eraser 5. The shortcut doesn't work with Eraser 6, because the "eraserl" command is gone. Google searches suggested that "eraser" is the command line tool now, but when I change the name of the executable, I'm told that "-recycled" is an unknown action.

Apparently the syntax of the command has changed. That's fine, but there's [purposely] no formal doc of the command line syntax, and all of the typical help options (-help, --help, /?) fail. So: How do I get my poor orphan shortcut to work again? Secondarily, how do I find out the new command line syntax?


P.S. When I tried to search the forum for an existing reference to this topic, it told me that "recycle" was too common a word for the search to proceed. Really?
With confusing simplicity, the Run command is just 'eraser help'. But beware, the CLI is incomplete, and when Joel is able to work on it, there are likely to be significant changes. That is why the documentation is not particularly accessible.

FYI, Eraser 6 is a complete re-write (in a different language), and so contains no Eraser 5 code, so it is not altogether surprising that the CLI is different.

As discussed here, it's best users do not use the CLI yet. Does the shortcut really help reduce complexity? Eraser 6 has a powerful scheduler and a consolidated task list. In addition, the Recycle Bin has an Eraser context menu entry.

These were one of the reasons they were developed in the first place and thus the need for a shortcut is, in my opinion, diminished. Perhaps you can describe your particular use-case?