Recycle Bin error - Where did the file go?


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First, I am so very sorry if this has already been discuss but the search won't let me query for "Recycle Bin". I've look around the forum but didn't find anything.

So, I'm not looking for a solution, I bypass the Recycle Bin issue by not moving the file to the Bin and erase them where they stand.

I'm still concerned tho, if I move a file to the Bin and chose to erase it, the error pop up instantly yet the Bin is empty. If I try to recover the files, ie with Recuva, I won't be able to find them but that doesn't mean the files are gone or properly deleted, it simply mean that Recuva can't find them. Erasing a 2gig file with Eraser takes me around 1mins, considering that the error from Eraser appear instantly it is pretty safe to say that the file has not been erased properly. But where is it?

I thought that it could be possible that upon failing, the Bin, would simply delete the content the way it usually does but if that was the case I would be able to recover them.

What does the task log say?