"Recycle Bin is Empty" - but it's not


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My Recycle Bin has several hundred megs of data in it - but when I right-click the Recycle Bin from within Explorer or just from the desktop, I get the "Recycle Bin is Empty" message - when it's clearly not.

Any ideas?
admin said:
mmm sounds like a disk issue. What happens when you run eraser?

Eraser seems to run fine otherwise - unless it's the latest version.

Whenever I used the v5.82 to run On-Demand tasks through the main program interface, it immediately deleted those tasks shortly after.

This was seriously annoying, especially due to the fact that for some reason, through 5+ iterations of this program, a standard Windows "browse" box has still not been implemented in the New Task dialog. I'm not talking about something just shows you the folders, I'm talking about something you can cut and paste (say, a file path?) into.

But that's neither here nor there.

The version I am now currently running (after uninstalling v5.82) is v5.3. It doesn't remove tasks immediately after completion, and it didn't USE to have the problem I'm experiencing with the Recycle Bin.
Same problem

when I right click on the recycle bin in Windows Vista Business I get the "recycle bin is empty" message as well.