Recycle Bin is Empty, context menu has Erase Recycle Bin


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I am using Eraser 5.3. No, I have no need to upgrade to any newer version as this version is/was working perfect for me for a few years.

Problem: While editing a word doc on an NTFS partition, word crashed. This created an auto recover document. Word recovered my file, and from within word, I chose to delete the recovery file. That sent the file to the recycle bin. I right clicked the Recycle bin icon on the desktop, and choose Erase recycle bin. Now, I still have the Erase Recycle Bin menu choice on the Recycle Bin right click menu. This choice is there even if the recycle bin is empty. If I add a file to the bin, and choose to Erase the recycle bin, the bin is erased and the icon changes back to the empty recycle bin. If I right click the recycle bin again, the choice to erase the recycle bin is still listed. If I choose it again, I get a dialog called Eraser Launcher with the message Recycle Bin is Empty.

How can I remove that Erase Recycle bin menu choice from the Recycle Bin context menu? If the recycle bin is empty, the choice to erase the recycle bin should not be listed.

I'm going crazy trying to fix this.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Hi and thank you for the reply.

ShellX View will unload the C:\Program Files\Eraser\erasext.dll. This dll is needed to add the erase context to the menu for Files and Folders.

I think my problem is within eraserl.exe or Eraser Launcher. When I ran a dis-assembly on that program, I found the text strings for Recycle Bin is Empty.

I do not understand programming or assembly. But I think if someone who did understand those looked at it, they can make eraserL.exe think the recycle bin is really empty, and not add the context item to erase the recycle bin. Then, when an item is in the recycle bin, the menu can be added.

whoooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, thats the sound of what you said going over my head, sorry I couldn't help.
I (still) use Eraser 5.7. I too get the option to Erase Recycle Bin (in the right click context menu) when it is empty, then upon clicking that option I too get the dialog box "Recycle Bin is empty". It's always been like that, I've never really thought of it as being a problem.