Recycle bin


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Since the last few program updates Eraser/explorer has locked when I have right-clicked on the recycle bin. This has meant I have had to stop using it. I had hoped the latest update would have resolved the problem, but after just installing it the problem remains. I am using Vista Home on a reasonably spec'd computer. Is there an easy way to resolve this, please? At the moment I have only one option, to uninstall (reluctantly) the program and use an alternative, and probably inferior, product. Thanks
Could you run Task Manager, switch to the Processes tab and trigger the right-click? After Explorer hangs right click on explorer.exe and create a dump file. A memory dump will be created on your computer (the path will be known to you.) Compress it and email it to me (see my profile)

I suspect its another C++ runtime conflict, of which there's nothing I can really do... At the same time, can you please list the context menu extensions installed on your computer? Also, is only the recycle bin affected? How about drives and files and regular folders?