Recylce bin log doesn't go away


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The recycle bin log, when it hits an error, does not reset each time the bin is emptied (unlike the main eraser that seems to not always list the same failed issues). I unistalled and reinstalled Eraser, but the log file was saved. Is there a way i can delete that file so i can start with a clean slate? These files are no longer in the recycle bin, but it keeps saying they can't be erased.

I originally got this error when trying to erase an .iso file and got the error "(The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.)".

What version of Eraser are you using? If you are certain all your users' recycle bins are empty, you can delete the recycle bin database by deleting RECYCLER or $RECYCLE.BIN from your drive and that will remove these undeletable "ghost" files.

I have Eraser version 5.86.1. I have a Vista OS. Where do i find the $RECYLE.BIN and RECYCLER files to delete. Thanks for your help