Reduced space on system drive


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Just used the v5.8.7 to clear my system drive on a Windows XP Pro (32-bit). All appears to go well exept for 1 message stating 'not enough diskspace'. After the sweep I then checked my available space and it has dropped from app. 6GB to 3GB free space.

I've seen a couple of posts with relevance to my problem but my system has already Syste Restore disabled and I could not find any file named ~ERAFSWD.TMP file occupying my lost 3GB (searched for *.TMP on system drive including hidden directories).

Does anyone have another tip on how I lost 3GB free space?

Look for files > 2GB (using the find function) and see it's modification date, it is possible that during the Cluster Tip erasure the file may have been corrupted (due to concurrent writes) or compression which has become worse after the cluster tip erase.

No hits at all :(

I've searched for all files larger than 2GB and also 20MB within hidden and system folders too on my system drive, no luck. I've also done a search based on size and modified date, still without any relevant hits.

Isn't there a pre-defined location (Windows\Temp or %UserProfile%\Application Data) where the application puts these temporary files?

No, there arent. Hmm, I can't find any reason it should cause any space to be unnecessarily consumed. Have you done a disk cleanup?
No, because I always keep my HDD's in mint condition. I executed the cleanup utility only to find out that I could delete a few kb's and compress a few kb's as well. This is so strange as it happened right after I ran this application.