Reinstall OS & run eraser 2x (1x w/ errors) safe to resell?


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i am wanting to know if it is now safe (or relatively safe) to sell my laptop on on ebay.

I have reinstalled the OS from the factory restore partition (dell laptop) and once installed ran eraser on the free space.
This resulted in a complete eraser run however few files resulting in warnings (i assumed this was due to access permissions and ignored this) - im counting this as a successful run.
i then several days later decided to be on the safe side and re-run eraser again on the free space however this time it resulted in an insufficient free space warning and the whole c:\ being 'used'. After a quick Google i deleted a randomly named folder on the c:\ which appeared to be the temporary eraser folder. i am guessing that eraser was unable to finish due to this but because of only 9mb free that it almost successfully completed.

thus is it now safe for me to sell this laptop on?
Re: Reinstall OS & run eraser 2x (1x w/ errors) safe to rese

It should be safe. The first, successful free space erase should have done the job for you. If in doubt, download Recuva (which is free), and run a scan with that to see what turns up. Recuva will probably be able to find recoverable files, but if none of these are of concern to you, the machine can be sold. If there are files that worry you, there is a facility in Recuva to overwrite these directly.

Re: Reinstall OS & run eraser 2x (1x w/ errors) safe to rese

6.0.8 should be pretty safe and the insufficient space problem should have been solved. If you are still paranoid (I know I am that sort) then perhaps it may be worth your effort to try to get DBAN to work, after all you already have the system restore disc.