Relative pathnames and eraserl


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Hi there,
I'm using Eraser-5.8.7 in the portable version and save it in a directory which is called "F:\Programme\Eraser". I'm using (still) WinXP. Because I use it on a USB stick I don't know the absolute path of my directories - I want to use only the relative pathes.

So I create a directory "bbb" an put some files into it for testing.

When I use this syntax:
eraserl -folder "f:\programme\eraser\bbb" -method Gutmann

everything works fine.

But when I use it like this noting will happened. (My Prompt is in the Eraser directory)
eraserl -folder "./bbb" -method Gutmann
(I tried various things like: "bbb", "./bbb", "bbb/" - nothing works)

I got a report that looks like this:
Erased area = 0 bytes
Cluster tips = 0 bytes

Data written = 0 bytes
Write time = 0.00 s

Failures didn't I see.

If I delete the folder by hand and start eraserl ones more, he told me rightfully that he can't find the file. But when he find it when it still exist, why didn't he erase it?


Thanx in advance,
Hmmm. This does look interesting. I'll look into it later today.
Fixed in r1375.