Remote Install of Nuke?


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I don't suppose there is a way to remotely install dariks boot and nuke into several systems on a local lan and then make it run on some preset settings when it boots up. This would be a eaiser way to nuke a bunch of systems rather then run around with floppy disks to each one.. Any ideas?
It is isn't packaged, but it is possible.

You can do Windows 95/98/ME by installing loadlin changing the autoexec.bat file. Windows NT/2000/XP is more work because you need to wedge it in with NTLOADER.
maybe boot from nic

im not sure, it might be possible to install it on a shared drive and do boot from network. but dahjorn would know better than i would
I know of several organizations that boot DBAN from the network to wipe workstations. I am working on a polished release of it.

The easiest way to get customizations done is to send a job specification to me for quoting.
I currently use a PXE server, boot to it and then select DBAN to wipe the disk. No need for floppy disk or specific boot disks.