remotely erase from many machines


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I have many Windows machines (1000+) that need to wipe out sensitive data after regular deletion. Is there anyway to use ERASER to wipe out data on these PCs remotely w/o installing ERASER on each of them? if not what software can do that task? Really appreciate any comments!


1000+ machines? Yikes! I don't think eraser works over the network. I've tried it and it doesn't see mapped drives. I was able to wipe free space on a mapped drive using a program called BCwipe, but it took forever. I was at my computer running the BCwipe application- which was generating the random data- and then my computer was sending that random data over the network to the target mapped drive. It generated a lot of congestion and it was very slow. If you have 1000 machines you might want to invest in some kind of automatic download software. At my work we have software that does that and I'm guessing it's probably very expensive and it also requires a server at all locations. A central server sends an application or a security update the local server and the local server pushes the update to the computer that you tell it to. Usually you feed it a list of machine names. You would then have to make a kit to run. For example you could push a kit that has batch file and the files necessary for Eraser 5.8 to run. In that batch file use the command line switches to wipe free space. You would have to configure it to reboot the machine at night and then run once and then delete itself. It's nice when it works, but there is always somebody who tries to save electricity and decides to shut down their computer before they go home. That computer would not get wiped. Other people love to leave their computer in Lock mode with important spreadsheets still in memory. If you reboot that computer they could lose all their work.