Remove DRM from Apple Music for Playing on iPod Nano


Want to listening to Apple Music on iPod Nano, iPhone, iPod or Samsung Galaxy phone for offline? Want to remove Apple Music DRM and convert Apple Music to MP3 to make them playable on more media devices?If you've got some older songs that were purchased from the iTunes Store, you might find that Apple Music has a DRM (digital rights management) component just like every other streaming service, which keeps you from getting a subscription. With the DRM protection, you are not allowed to put them on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Android or MP3 players that aren’t linked to your Apple Music account.

This tutorial will show you how to remove DRM from Apple Music and saved them on any devices for listening anytime, anywhere.

Apple Music subscribers can choose to download any songs from the world’s largest music catalog directly on to Apple Music available devices. However, tracks and playlists you download from the Apple Music catalog are DRM-protected, which means you can only play them on Apple ID authorized devices. You can’t play them to MP3 player such as iPod shuffle, iPod nano, Android tablet, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, TV, Roku, etc.

Apple Music Converter, the professional Apple Music DRM removal software, you can easily remove Apple Music DRM and convert Apple Music M4P songs to DRM-free MP3 to play anywhere. What’s more, you don’t need to download Apple Music songs if the Internet connection is fast, since Apple Music converter records the music while iTunes plays them mutely in the background.

Steps to remove Apple Music DRM and Convert Songs to MP3

Step 1: Run Apple Music Converter
Step 2: Add Apple Music Songs to Apple Music Converter
Step 3: Choose MP3/M4A as Output Format
Step 4: Remove DRM from Apple Music and Get Apple Music songs as MP3 or M4A format
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When we subscribled to Apple Music, we can download Apple Music playlist online, then we can enjoy download Apple Music offline. But the limitation is that we can't play Apple Music library other than Apple players like Android phone and mini players, ether brun cd from Apple Music because of the DRM protection on Apple Music library. We can remove DRM from Apple Music, then put the DRM-free Apple Music playlist to any players.
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If you're an Apple Music Premium user, you can simply download songs from Apple Music for use. But if you're a free user or want to sync the songs from your phone or computer to the iPod devices, that'll be a little tricky. It requires you to know how to remove DRM from Apple Music so that you can put the downloaded music to it. No worries as long as you're with the Apple Music converter.