Removing file history data?

I'm not really sure whether this really falls within the purview of any of the fine programs you kind people create, but I'm assuming it can't hurt to ask... !

Is there some way that I can remove or alter all record of when a file was created or last modified? I have a lot of text files, MS Word documents and saved webpages on my hard drive and I'd like to be able to remove all record of when each was first created or last modified. I'd assume that my computer probably needs to keep track of this kind of data to some extent in order to allow changes to be made and saved, but it would be nice if I could do something that would reset the record when I wanted to. What I'm thinking of is something that would alter the record so that every file could be said to have been created on, say, January 1st 2001 or some other arbitrary date that tells anyone prying into my files nothing about when I was actually at work writing an individual file or saving an individual webpage.

Does anything like this actually exist?

Since Eraser is more about getting rid of data, it doesn't currently offer this function. However, it shouldn't be hard to get this done, since Eraser internally resets all file times to garbage before deleting it (to impede forensic analysis)

I guess you may be interested in looking for command line programs to do this for you, it shouldn't be hard. At the same time, it should also not be impossible to write an Eraser plugin, if you are programmatically inclined.