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[my first post here]
First, let me thank you for the Eraser product.
I have used older versions a long while back, and have most recently had versions 5.7 and 5.8 installed on a PC I used. So when I needed to update some apps, and had run into a 'stuck' state with the ver 5.8, I decided to update to latest 5.8.7. I am running Windows XP Pro, SP3 on a Sony minitower.

I find the new Recycle Bin context menu a major challenge to use. Before (5.8, 5.7, earlier) the choice of just Empty or Erase, and I knew that when I picked Erase, it would use the method I had selected in Eraser Preferences. FYI, I use the "Single pass pseudo random data" as I feel that is sufficient to my needs.

But now, even though I have selected "Single pass pseudo random" in preferences, the Recycle Bin has now always has a ton of choices - 7 Items I have to deal with every time. PLEASE, allow me/those of us with simple security needs/ to have just our chosen default method.

I felt my heart skip a beat tonight when I automatically clicked the first choice above Empty - and it was the 'Erase Library' instead of my expected Erase (via chosen single pass). I FREAKED out when it took a long time to erase. I thought I had totally screwed myself erasing way too many files that I could now never get back. It was not pleasant feeling.
I searched the HELP file, but found no clear picture or explanation of the Recycle bin choice of Erase Library.
I now figure it is some kind of super every imaginable kind of erase all packed on-top of each other. really insanely super erasing level i guess... which is why it took so long.

So please please reduce the Recycle bin context menu choices. I mean really, how many people have a need to choose between all 7 different erase methods every single time they want to empty/erase the recycle bin?
(yes, fine. for the few folks with that need, let them have a way, but for majority -my guess- of average tech/user folks, let us please just pick a method and then have that be the default of Erase recycle bin.)

And also let me suggest, when you make such a radical change to the way a basic and obvious menu structure works, please highlight it in an easy to find place in the Help or Changes file. It will help prevent lost heart beats. ;)

I do appreciate that now I can select the 'only show confirmation report if error' so I don't have to keep clicking OK after an erase operation. (maybe that was there on older version and I just never noticed it... possible...)

Thank you.

P.S. I tried to post a follow-n to a similar topic I found in the Suggestion forum, but it was locked, so since I registered to post these comments, I am posting here. Hope that is OK.

Edit in a P.P.S next day :

Hi again, sorry if my original post seemed a bit harsh (I hope not too much so... ). I was just a bit freaked out by the different process structure and scared that I had accidentally deleted legitimate data.
No problem -- this has been fixed in v6 actually, but that's a work in progress. v5 is no longer being feature-updated and only bug fixes which are serious (by my standards, unfortunately) will be included.