Resuming capability or additional sessions.


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My problem is that I havn't enough time to complete the desired Gutmann erasing process, because I work in occasional Internet Points where I can stay no longer than 1 hour at a time but I need to erase partitions as big as more than 12 GB contained in my own removable hard drive disk.
My question is : If I stop the Gutmann today, 1 hour after the process has started, will the program be able tomorrow to resume the erasing process from the exact point of interruption without errors, and so on the next days until the work is finished? (Resuming capability)
Or, if not available, could I get the same result of the Gutmann by running the 3 passes method (compatible with my 1 hour pc time) for 12 subsequent daily sessions? (36 total passes against the 35 of the Gutmann)
Thank you very much for your kindness.
No such capabilities exist in the current version of the program.

I think you have a good idea for the suggestions forum.
Not only what Deep Loner has said but every time you stop before completion the next time you will be begining again, and if there is additional data to erase it will take longer and longer each time to fully complete the job. And stopping at the one hour point you will never get done. The most number of passes I would do is 7 DOD US standard.