Right-click menu support for Win x64


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I've recently started using Windows Professional x64 Edition. Eraser no longer shows up in the Explorer context menu (the right-click menu). Eraser isn't the only program I've found with this problem, so I imagine it's just a matter of adding support for Win x64. Is this planned for Eraser? Or is there perhaps a work-around way to add Eraser to the menu?
Anyone else?

Anyone else out there have Win XP x64 and can confirm that this happens? Want to make sure it's not just me.
I just installed x64 and it doesn't work, but I can explain why. Explorer is now 64-bit, so shell extentions also must be 64-bit too. So the application will work, but they need to write some new code for the context menu support. You'll notice that other programs have only recently done the same, such as the latest beta of WinRAR added that ability. With any luck it will be on their todo list.
Hi there!

After working for over 3 months with XP 64 bit windows, I am starting to miss Eraser.

Does anyone know when x64 will be supported?