I downloaded Eraser. I Want to use it to remove deleted files on my hard disk! But wat are the risks when i do "Unused Space on drive". I don't want to lose any other file!!! The are of great importance to me!!!

Can some explaine to me?

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Just "Right-Click" on the drive in question, select "Erase Unused Space", set any options under the supplied button and that's it. When using this option, Eraser will only erase files that were "deleted" via the Operating System on your machine. No saved files will be erased. OF COURSE, A CARDINAL RULE OF COMPUTER SECURITY IS TO BACK-UP IMPORTANT FILES!
Not quite true . . .

Yes, while Eraser will only delete the space used by previously deleted files, there is one important set of files that will get removed/erased when you do a free space wipe. Specifically, Eraser works by creating one or more files to fill up all free disk space and then erases those files using the wipe pattern that you specify. However, Windoze will automatically shut down System Restore and delete any System Restore files once you have less than 50 MB remaining on your hard drive. Therefore, once the Eraser file(s) become large enough you'll have less than 50MB left on the drive and Windoze will remove the System Restore files - making it impossible to restore to a prior system state.

I suggest you do a free space wipe only after you have had Windoze running smoothly for a while and have not recently added any programs or drivers or updated windoze. That way you can be reasonably certain that your prior system restore point will not be needed.
don't beleive these people - this softwqare can kill your PC

It killed mine..perhaps that's because I am a for-profit software developer and the software recognized me and trashed my disks

DONT TRUST FREE SOFTWARE - Nobody will take responsibility if it f**ks your system
Stop your crying . . .

Yeah, well, I haven't had that prob. But when has M$ EVER taken responsibility for ANY of its junk f**king up a system (which it does VERY regularly) - you ever read their EULA?

Virtually every piece of software disclaims liability in its EULA, usually providing only for replacement price of the software in the event that it screws your system. Well, since Eraser is FREE, I guess they'd be willing to do that ;-). Anywhoo, the most cited reason that all software has broad disclaimers is that while you may have written perfect code, it can still fail because the Operating System (read: M$ Windoze) has bad code that your code relies on or one of the other hundred or so progs on a system may be poorly written (thereby executing code in another progs data space, having a memory leak that bogs down everything else, etc.). This does even begin to touch on hardware and driver bugs/defects. No one's going to take responsibility to data loss on some little address book prog they pumped out over a weekend because it's not ACID compliant and your computer crashed.

At least with Eraser and other OSS compliant software IF there is a problem, it's not hidden out of sight (letting the author/company blame the bugs on someone else's software) AND they can be fixed by anyone. So instead of bitching about OSS, contribute where and how you can.