Run from command line or as windows service


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Great product! I was wondering if there was a way that I could run this as a windows service or make a task to run it from the command line. I usually leave my server with no one logged in and eraser wants to sit in the tray when someone is logged in for its scheduler to go off.
Your requests are to a degree, work in progress.

The CLI is available in a basic form; you can get a summary of the arguments and parameters by entering 'eraser help' in a Run box. Joel (the programmer) has been working on this recently, and I don't know how close it yet is to final (or at least stable) form. But it might be usable for your purpose.

The plan is that in the next full version (6.2) the erasing engine will be run as a service. Whether there will be any hooks to access or control the service programmatically I don't know. Unfortunately Joel is extremely busy with unavoidable work commitments at the moment, and I think it will be well into 2011 before we even see a beta build of 6.2.

That is great news!

I am using eraser to help with PCI compliance on a server that temporarily has files on it with CC data and after use I need them securely removed and this tool is great!

I'll make a donation when the run as service thing is done!
As a current workaround, you can set Eraser to run on boot (without any user logged on.) That would start a copy of Eraser under the user which will perform the erase. When a trigger is defined to erase the data, you can use the Eraser command line to execute the erase as the same user.

Step 1 is actually optional, running step 2 will start Eraser if it is not already running but step 1 will allow you to utilise the scheduler.

The 6.2 builds with the service would be quite far off. I see myself busy till past 2012 (after which would be University... hopefully I'd have more time then.)