Run of CD


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I do NOT want to erase a whole drive. But do want to use this program on more than one computer I own. How do I install Eraser on a CD? I tried to use your Install/downloader software and just send it to CD from the start but that option is not available. Only lets me set it up in harddrives.

I have NOT installed anything yet because of this.

How do I put this on CD?

If this is covered in another thread feel free to link me to it. I did search for an answer with both the boards search feature AND with Google Advance before posting this question.
Which version? v5 would have a portable version which v6 doesn't have (yet).
ahhhh.. thank you.

I was thinking latest Stable version but guess I should go with the latest stable 5 version instead of six.

Much appreciate. Will download that one.
Yes, v6 doesn't have a portable version yet (decision was made early in development, before v5 had a portable version due to .NET dependencies. But with Windows 7 I guess it's time for reconsidering...)