running but doesn't erase


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I downloaded eraser 'complete' version 6.0.7. (though it says 6.0.6 at the top of the eraser page running) I ran a task manually where I chose unused disk space with cluster tips. The screen states that the "unused disk space (c) is running; the status bar stays completely empty - just a white bar. It ran all night but didn't erase anything and kept running for over 8 - 12 hours. I've tried it twice and it keeps doing the same thing. I've erased it from my control panel and re-downloaded each time. No luck.

I'm running it again having just downloaded it again. Now the status bar is showing 'a green bar' as though something is happening. I'll have to wait and see. This is more than it has done 2x's previously.


Thank you.
While the task is running or when it is complete, right-click on the entry in the task pane, and select 'View Log'. You may see no messages, a very few, or (if you are running a free space wipe and erasing cluster tips on Drive C:) many hundreds.

You may well need to to double-click on an individual message to see the whole text. Ignore all messages telling you that this or that cluster tip could not be erased. Is there anything else in the task log that is listed as an error, that is it is categorised as an Error (not Warning or Information) in the log.

A free space wipe takes a very long time to complete, particularly on a slow machine and if you want cluster tips wiped, so the first task here is to work out whether you have a problem at all, and, if so, of what kind.

Joel only realised too late that he had forgotten to change the version number on the Task Pane header. The correct details are in Help|About.

Seems to working ok! It does give a lot of error messages for my Norton antivirus. When I run a task for unused disk space, my only purpose is to erase from the hard drive EVERYTHING that I have ever disgarded or deleted, like emails, files/documents, and a record of every site that I have ever visited (after I have cleared my recent history under the tools control at the top of the page) and that's it. Am I permanently erasing all that? Am I putting any of my files at risk for accidentally being deleted, even when the task is solely 'unused disk space (c)' ?

You may find it better to disable antivirus when running free space wipe; this improves performance and saves disk churn. To erase cluster tips, Eraser has to (try to) access every file on the drive, which is enough to excite the attention of any antivirus product.