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Sorry for my English, it is thanks to Google

I have two hard drives C: and D:, I run Eraser on the disk D:, no problem.

In C: shows me the following error "Eraser has encountered a problem and needs to close" If in the process may lose information that is working.

As I can know the problem has been detected Eraser.

Which version of Eraser, are you using, please?

Could you also try disabling the option to erase cluster tips. Edit the task to erase the C: drive, double-click on the data entry in the task dialog, and un-tick the option to erase cluster tips, click OK twice, then run the task again. Please tell us if that works. If it does, on a system drive there will not be all that much difference in security terms if you do not erase cluster tips.

The Eraser version I installed is, but in the top right of the window says 6.0.6.

I disabled the cluster tips, and I made the editing of disk C: as per your instructions, did not work still gives me error.

Settings The current configuration is as follows:

Shell integration
Option enabled: Integrate Eraser into Windows Explorer

Eraser Settings
Default file erasure method: GUTMANN (35 passes)
Default unused space erase method: PSEUDORANDOM DATA 1 pass
Randommess data source: RNGCryptoServiceProvider

Option enabled : Force locked files to be unlocked for erasure

Sheduler settings
Option enabled : Automaticall remove tasks which run immediately and completed successfully

Option enabled ; Execute the task when Eraser next starts

Core plugins

Option enabled : Default erasure Methods and PRNGs

Any solution?

Did you disable the option to erase cluster tips? That is set as part of the task (when you add data to a task you are creating in the Eraser Schedule), rather than a global setting, like those you listed.

Eraser 6.0.7 (which is what you are using; the 6.0.6 designation in the window is an error) has a known issue which can manifest itself as a failure to complete the erasure of free space on a system drive when the erasing of cluster tips is enabled. Unfortunately, this issue does not affect all systems; Joel does not have the problem, but I do. We have been working together to isolate the problem so that Joel can fix it; it seems to have a number of components, some of which have been dealt with, while others are still work in progress.

Bavaria said:
Disabled the cluster tips, continuous error ... I can do?
I don't normally recommend the use of development builds unless there is good cause, as I think there is in your case.

Uninstall Eraser 6.0.7, and (using instructions you will find in the FAQ on Eraser problems - about moving back from 6.1 to 6.0, but they apply to you too) delete the file Task List.ersx.

Download and install Eraser, and try that.