Running eraser from a CD



Reading your Q&A section concerning the use of Eraser it indicated using or booting to a CD I have made the diskette version and then burned it from there to a CD. The diskette works great but I can't seem to get it to run from a CD. Have I missed a step? What program do I need to burn the image to a CD using the image eraser.IMZ? I have tried the built in burner in XP, CD-Maker, and NERO with no success.

I have some systems that I need to "erase" and they have no floppy drives. Any suggestions? Due to quantity of drives removing the drives and putting them into another system would not be time or cost efficient to do.
use DBAN. burn the ISO to a CD using Nero or Nero Express. you MUST burn the image. do not just copy/write it to a CD, if you do that it wont boot.