Running eraser in safe mode


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Hi Guys,
I have been using eraser for some time now and find the program very useful. However, I have a program that is suppose to remove all traces of your internet activity. I decided to see if this program works as it says it does and ran a image recovery program. I was still able to recover most of the items that were viewed on the internet. I ran a recovery program and recovered the temporary internet files. I then used eraser to get rid of the temporary internet files. When I ran another scan, some of the files were still there and I can not find their location. I ran Eraser to wipe Free space on disc, but these files are still there. Perhaps they were stored somewhere Eraser can't access. Anyway, I thought if I ran eraser while the computer was in safe mode I would get better results. Is it safe to do this? I was worried I might damage the operating system.