Running Eraser Without A Logged In User


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Just wondering if anybody could shed a bit of light on this for me please...
Is it possible to schedule a daily scan to delete free space without having a user logged on to the computer, so it essentially runs in the background?
Thanks in advance.
I am surprised that, 1 year later, there are no responses to this straight forward question.

Can we run Eraser in the background without a logged in user?

Do you expect that the user never logs off when they go home at night? This seems to be in conflict with just about every security policy I have ever witnessed.

Is there a solution to this? Any hints on how we might be able to get it to work in the background without a user being logged in? I like other aspects of the tool, but this seems like a big gap for anyone other than a home user.

You can create a scheduled task but it needs to run under some user with access to the drives.