safety prompt?


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I've migrated from Eraser 5.xxxxxx and as far as the old version is concerned, I was 100% happy!

In the latest version, however, I'm missing a vital feature in explorer integration, namely a safety prompt (something like "Are you sure to delete/erase files/s?").
Even on root level such as D:\, my latest Eraser 6.0.8 just starts erasing without any kind of prompt.. I'd be happy to at least be able to have Eraser as* before wiping entire disks.
Please do bring that safety prompt back! (I've accidentally wrecked a truecrypt volume because of that, d'oh! -- glad enough i had another copy!)

Thanks in advance!

btw: what happend to "secure move" feature? i've read there were some issues, is it completely deactivated in the current version?
I agree this is a worry. Prompts (which also provide other options) have been provided in the 6.1 development builds, which are quite usable provided you accept that they are beta standard software.