SATA support



I read in the FAQ section that dban 1.0.3 has partial SATA hard disk support. The suggestion was to enable the legacy PATA support option in the BIOS. I have updated to the most recent Dell BIOS and have a 2 month old 120GB SATA hard drive, unfortunately my BIOS does not give a legacy PATA option. Therefore, when I try to run dban it stops working when the screen says "booting the kernel. Please wait..." I have typed the word "verbose" at the boot prompt and the final line of text says "hda: attached ide-disk driver." I have tried 2 different cd's and 2 different floppy disks with version 1.0.3 and have gotten the same result. I assume dban will not work in my situation? Thanks.
Same problem

Had same problem some time ago. Do a search. Was told SATA support would be avaliable in next update