Saw a new (to me) error today, would like some clarification


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So I had to move some files out of an encrypted container today and temporarily store them in a folder on my hard drive while I created a new container for them. Once done, I copied and pasted the files into their new home and then attempted to erase the temporary folder/files using the "Files in Folder" option. Once Eraser ran I saw I had an error and it was this: (parentheses are mine)

Error Access to the path 'C:\Users\(***)\Documents\(temp folder)\Local Disk\F=-!ZFA67+V3' is denied.

Now, I've done this very thing any number of times and don't recall ever having seen this and what's particularly confusing to me is the reference to "...F=-!ZFA67+V3'..." in the "Local Disk" folder; this is decidedly not the name of anything in the folder in question but apparently Eraser saw it. Have search my entire system for something similar and there is nothing even remotely like it.

Anybody have any ideas? Any insights appreciated.