Schedule by Date



In addition to scheduling tasks by day-of-week, I wish I could schedule a specific task at a particular date-and-time. This could then be more than one week from when the task was created. It would provide much greater flexibility in scheduling, and allow ERASER to be used for more purposes.

This would also accomplish what I am trying to do ... as long as ERASER was running at that particular date-and-time. (As opposed to computer is off.)

A perfect "time bomb" would be the capability to schedule "run once" "on or after" a particular date-and-time. In other words, if ERASER is running at the scheduled date-and-time, then the task would be started at that time ... and when complete, would have no "NEXT RUN" automatically scheduled. If, however, ERASER finds it is AFTER the particular date-and-time AND the task has NOT completed, then the task is started at that time.

Of course as a "time bomb" the task could be rescheduled to another future date-and-time MANUALLY every so often ...

Thank you for your consideration.[/i]