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i am currently running the latest stable release of eraser with win 7 32bit and when i schedule it to erase my recycle bin everyday it will only do it once then the status will change to "completed" and it won't wanna to do another scheduled erasing so i have to go in manually and say erase recycle bin and that totally defeats the purpose can any1 help me out?
Double-click on the task in the schedule to open it. The Task type should be 'recurring', and the data set name should be 'Recycle Bin'. On the 'Schedule' tab, the Recurrence Pattern should be set to 'Daily'.

I am not aware of any problems with the Scheduler, but have set up a task like yours to see if I can reproduce what you describe.

"The next run time" should indicate the next time the task will run. Does that show the correct date/time?
The task I set up ran OK. I am inclined to think that the OP did not set the task to be 'recurring'.

This is a (fairly minor) UI issue; if you want to set up a scheduled task, you have to change something on both tabs, so you can never see all you have to do at one go. Maybe, the recurrence pattern should have a 'None' option, which would be the default; as soon as this was changed, the Task Type on the other tab would automatically change to 'Recurring'. That would be more intuitive for new users, particularly former users of Eraser 5.

Or -- there can be an "edit schedule" button beside the Recurring radio button. Outlook uses this UI paradigm (of which I must admit had a strong influence on the scheduler in terms of the way it works)
Joel said:
Or -- there can be an "edit schedule" button beside the Recurring radio button.
That might help. I have realised that my own suggestion does not work, as (at least as described) it would prevent users from scheduling a non-recurring task.