Scheduled Erases Not Taking Place - Files Remain on Computer


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Hi all,

I am VERY frustrated with Eraser. I have scheduled files to be erased each day and they are not being erased. I go into the file the next day (before turning on any browser - and it's browser cache I'm looking to erase) and there are files there from days before. It's not even that they can be recovered (as other members have stated - I've yet to check out that issue). It's that the files are NEVER being erased to begin with. If I go into the files, individually, I can erase them and the files seem to be gone. But it is as though the Scheduler isn't running at all. What I did, last, was schedule the files to be erased on reboot. Well, some of them were and many weren't (I received a message saying the file could not be found and that there were no files to be found). Yet, I went into those directories and, lo and behold, there were files there.

I am running the most recent version of Eraser (just updated today). I am running on Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium. I have Eraser scheduled to erase the following:

C:\Users\Laurie\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
C:\Users\Laurie\AppData\Local\Temporary Internet Files\Low
C:\Users\Laurie\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\UserData\index.dat

I regularly find records that are days old in the FireFox Cache and in History. Can anyone tell me why this would happen? I used this program to feel safe and I don't feel safe at all.


lastevns said:
Can anyone tell me why this would happen?

Does the log file mention anything about any of the files being locked? I've a ticket open to deal with a similar sounding issue to yours in eraser 6 where scheduler craps out if it hits a file that is locked.

Best I can suggest at the moment is to use the most recent version 5.x release as it will skip any locked files and continue wiping the rest of the scheduled files.