Scheduler problem


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I set scheduler to wipe all free space on C drive in the early hours of every day. It used to work a treat. Now nothing happens. If I right click on task in scheduler and run it manually it works fine but then a few days later I check and it gives me accurate date of last (manual) run but always gives next run date as tomorrow and it will keep changing that next run date to be always the next day after I interrogate it - but with no run occuring since the last time was run manually. I thought there might be a conflict with my upgraded Norton Virus Checker - but this can't be the case if it always runs perfectly when manually started - but never automatically from sheduler. Any suggestions please? I am using version 5.86.1 Thanks
Have you upgraded to 5.8.7 and tried once more? I fixed a scheduler problem in that version if I remember correctly.