Scheduling eraser date & time


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I'm new to Eraser & was wondering if I'm able to schedule a folder or file to be erased on a specific date & time? example: 01/15/2008 @ 3pm
I tried searching & didn't come up with anything like that.
If it's not possible perhaps I'll post it in Eraser Suggestions.
If anyone knows I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
The Eraser scheduler is fairly comprehensive but it cannot do what you are asking.

Can I ask why you feel this is a useful feature request ? The schedule you are asking for would only be a one off event.
I know you can set an erase schedule up to 7 days but it seems like it might be good to set it for longer times so files that you need around a bit longer you can schedule for later before you lose track of them all. It doesn't have to be by date & time could be erase after # of days. Right now I'm going through all my folders erasing things I never got around to deleting. A little time consuming but guess I really need to stay on top of it. Need to free up some space.
I really like using Eraser & not having longer then 7days is really no big deal . It would give just a little more time as when to erase or look at the schedule & decide maybe not to erase.
Anyway Overwriter thanks for your reply. I appreciate it!!
How about making a manual schedule and just running it when you need to ?

That way you can double check you don’t need something before running it.
So I would use On-Demand to keep track of things & pick & choose what I want to erase & when. Since I'm new to eraser I hadn't really looked at the On-Demand option only the Scheduler. On Demand will be very helpful!!!
Thanks again Overwriter for your help.
Hi eteled

I have just had a thought, don’t play around with the first and last 2KB option in the scheduler !

Any version of Eraser right up to Eraser 5.86 R2 will wipe all your data if that option is selected. :shock:

5.86 R2 and later is safe to use. :wink:
Overwriter Thanks for the heads up on that.
Appreciate it!!
I'm using 5.7 now & will install Eraser 5.84.exe soon.
Hi eteled.

eteled said:
I'm using 5.7 now & will install Eraser 5.84.exe soon.

I would recommend that you only install 5.86 R2 and later !!! NOT 5.84 !

Download it here.
Thanks for the direct link. Got it downloaded Eraser586_setup.
If your here in America have a Happy Thanksgiving otherwise have a Happy Thanksgiving anyhow!!!! Everyone hopefully has something to be Thankful for!
Thanks Again