Secure Erase RAID 0 SATA Drives


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Hi Everybody,

I have a computer with two SATA hard disks in a RAID 0 configuration. If I run eraser, does it wipe the file sectors on both hard disks in the RAID array? Also, if I use eraser to wipe the free space on the hard disks, will it wipe the free space on both hard disks in the RAID array?

Or, will I have to break the RAID array and run Eraser on each hard disk seperately?


Joel's advice on this point is that he would expect Eraser to work on a functioning RAID array. When Eraser writes files to wipe free space, the RAID array presumably sees them as files and will do with them what it does with any other files.

The one caveat is that Eraser works through the file system, so Eraser will not access any space the RAID sub-system has not made available to the file system.