Securely wipe disk before selling?


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I've tried lots and lots of commercial and free software to perform the relatively simple task of securely wiping a disk before selling it from within Windows. It isn't immediately obvious if Eraser can do this - I'd far prefer to support open source software where I can. Can this be done with Eraser, or could it be a planned feature in the future?

I know DBAN can do this but I always hit some kind of compatibility issue with USB drivers, controllers or suchlike. Leaving that part to Windows seems have been the most reliable method so far.

If it is a non-system drive (not C:), quick format the drive, then use Eraser to erase the free space. The 6.1 builds have a function to do this all in one go, but they are beta standard only.

If the drive is C:, life gets more complicated - Eraser cannot erase itself, or Windows! The advice in this FAQ topic may help.

Case study, which may be of little relevance:

I just removed a small capacity drive from my Server machine at home. It's a 250GB WD Enterprise drive, after doing my necessary cloning, I needed to erase the Windows install on it to clear it of data. I've since hooked it up to a caddy and ran Eraser 6.2's drive erase feature on it... it's been working well so far. So if you really have the time and you think the effort justifies it, 6.2's drive erase may be worth a try...

Just be careful not to nuke the wrong drive...