Seed file generation


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Just thought it might be useful to post this here. If you're using Microsoft Windows you don't have to install Cygwin or some Unix-like OS for easy seed file generation. If you have the DBAN boot floppy/CD you can do the following;

When DBAN prompts you with "boot:", give "shell". Wait until the kernel loads and the ash shell is started. Now, type the following:
#cd /
#mount -w -t msdos /dev/floppy/0 /floppy
#dd if=/dev/urandom of=/floppy/DBANSEED/seed1 bs=512 count=1
#umount /floppy

You're not supposed to type in the #'s. That's it, you can shutdown.
Doing this will degrade the quality of the seed files. If you can't generate seed files properly, then don't use them.