Selecting files for erasing


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I have some links to websites which I want to erase. When I right-click on one, there's a very short context menu, and this doesn't include the 'Erase' or 'Eraser' choices in the list. Looks like links are treated as a special case. Anyway, I went into the Eraser program itself and chose New Task, Add Data.
This only lets you select one file at a time for deletion, which makes a long and tedious process if you have several files to erase.
Have I missed a way to select several files, or could this be written into the file selection process?
The standard use of the Shift or Ctrl keys would be fine.
Also, I tried to use the Add Data, 'Files in folder' selection and the 'Include mask' line to include only '*.com' files but nothing happened.
Any ideas?
Your description of the behaviour is correct, and I agree that it would be good to have the ability to select multiple files in the single files selection dialog. You might wish to register with Trac and raise a ticket on this issue.

The reference to website links is confusing. Are these standard Windows shortcuts (.lnk files) which specify a URL? If so, they should erase normally. If not, what kind of files are they?

.lnk and .url files both have the Eraser context menu extension for me.
Thanks for your replies.
I deleted all the links in question (by dragging them to the Eraser 'work area') but created a new one for testing by dragging the icon from the address bar of Firefox to my desktop.
Right-click on this link and theres no 'Eraser' entries in the context menu. The file Properties show the 'Type of file' as "Internet Shortcut (.URL)".
And theres a tab for 'Web Document'.

PS If Joel's URL files have Eraser in the context menu, maybe I should try reinstalling Eraser. I have version
Which version of Windows are you using?
Windows 7 32 bit.
I tried reinstalling Eraser but still can't get it to appear on the '.URL' files, though it works OK on all the other types of file I tried.
Not really urgent, just curious.
Press Windows Key + R, type cmd, press enter, and type reg query HKCR\.url and hit enter. Please copy and paste the output into your post.
There you go:

(Default) REG_SZ InternetShortcut

How about:
reg query HKCR\.url /s
reg query HKCR\InternetShortcut /s
? Use the same steps as above. They are two separate commands.