Server Migration


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I will be migrating the Eraser servers to one new consolidated server over the next few days. The first service to be affected is Trac, one that's settled, I will move the Eraser website proper, then lastly the forum will be moved. Moving the forum is expected to take approximately 1 day. The forum will not be available in that period (the forum will display a disabled message).

Since there is a movement of server and DNS records require updating, after the migration is complete, it may be 2 to 3 days before accessibility to all services are fully restored.
Also, as part of this, I plan on deleting users who have not logged in and who have not posted on the forum to trim the database.

Trac migration is proceeding as I speak.
Trac migration is complete. Website migration is almost complete (pending database resync). Forum migration will begin at approximately 0800hrs UTC. The board will be disabled. Subsequently, there will be approximately 3 days of outage while the DNS servers resynchronise.
The Website migration is complete. Both Trac and the Eraser website are now sitting on the same server. I will be troubleshooting nightly builds soon (it should work again soon...)

As a reminder: Forums will be taken offline in approximately 1hr.
You guys probably can't see this... but I'll write it down anyway.

One server's running all three services now. The server is also accessible via IPv6 (we're participating in World IPv6 day this year! haha) I've got Eraser 6.0 builds to work again, Eraser 6.2 builds are on the way (there's a change in the way things are built with Visual Studio 2010...) and finally I'll skin the forum to match the rest of the website.

Wish me luck, and hope that you guys will be pleasantly surprised when you return...
Eraser 6.2 builds in the automated build server now. New post in the Beta forum, please read when you guys return.
I'm seeing requests coming to the server, looks like some parts of the world is already seeing our dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 address. So looks like we'll be participating indirectly in World IPv6 day this year!
I'm having some problems getting phpBB to work with Eraser's web theme... so I think the forum skin will be delayed by a bit.
Seems like forum emails aren't working... I'll look into that.
Email notifications are working again.
I've installed the Eraser theme onto the server. To make it your theme, go to the User Control Panel > Board Preferences and set My board style to eraser.
And please report bugs with the style in this thread.

The new themed version of the Eraser page appears to carry no reference to the Eraser Beta forum. The old version (which I still get after login, as I have not changed my preferences, carries the Beta frum

You'll have to log in before the beta forum will appear. The idea is not to let beta problems influence the way general users try to fix Eraser problems (because obviously those wouldn't apply...)
Understood. Got it now.