Settings Fields Blank?


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I installed Eraser on an offline pc and on first run it tells me all the settings fields are invalid. So I go to set them and all the drop downs are blank.

I used the exact same installer on an online pc and they're populated with DoD, Gutman, etc. Does Eraser need to phone home on first run to get the data for these values?
Windows has to be (pretty much) fully patched for Eraser to work, as it needs the latest Root Certificates to validate the plugins. More details on this are in the FAQ post entitled 'Common Eraser Questions'.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep any PC (on any OS, I think) both off-line and working properly. Here is the current Root Certificates download for XP; you'll need to find the correct page if your OS is Vista or Win 7. You can then download the .exe file to a flash drive, or a floppy disk, and run it on your off-line machine. Eraser will still try to connect, to validate the certificates, but should continue to run when the connection fails.

Ah, that explains it.

I just installed it on another offline pc that's much newer (Windows 7 vm) and it works fine.

thank you DavidHB
If I remember correctly, Windows 7 comes with the Root Certificates pre-installed, but you need, I think, SP3 of Windows XP to be sure of having them. They do come with Windows Update, but if you are not on line ...