Shell extension wont work in windows 7


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catch 22 the shell extension needs administrative rights to delete files and there seems no way to force the shell extension to use admin status
is there anything I can change in windows 7 - I want to be able to delete stuff as I go along so need the shell extension method
Which version of Eraser are you using>?
I have tried both the latest stable release and the latest beta (6. something) both have the same problem - thought the beta also froze up several times

I wondered if running the main programme as administrator first would solve the issue but that wont let me use the shell at all as it simply reports "another instance of this programme is running with higher permissions" - though run this way the main programme does work ok

That said I need to be able to use the shell extension as I always have done but need windows 7 either to automaticlly grant admin rights or at least prompt me to allow it (this is how most other programmes work)

Is there something I need to set
Well in Eraser 5 that will not be possible, you'll have to disable UAC to get it to work. Eraser 6 may eventually get automatic prompting but in the mean time you will need to use the main program interface. I'm thinking of how to prevent the prompting from occurring when Eraser is already running elevated.

Ok thanks for the response though the answer is dissapointing

I like UAC because it stops programmes, which I have not authorised, from running - however I would have thought they should have built in a means to exclude particilar programmes and shell extensions in the same way that anti virus programmes allow exceptions - this is the first flaw I have found in Win 7
It's part of the security framework to prevent leakages. I'll implement automatic prompting of elevation when required later in the year. I'm too busy at the moment.