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Hi. This is a hint for others about a problem resolution, not a question.

I've been happily using Eraser for over 13 years now, and just had my first problem - it wouldn't open, and a Shell Extension message box said: "The semaphore timeout period has expired".

I attempted to log in to the program as administrator, but even that didn't work, then deleted Eraser and reloaded the latest version. Same same!!


So i joined this forum, and after a search decided to have a look at the processes running in Task Manager, and found four instances of Eraser. I ended the processes, and whizbang whoopee I now have my precious
Eraser back, up and running as usual.

This same problem had simultaneously occurred with another piece of invaluable software, Clipmate 7, which I highly recommend as another invaluable aid to busy computer users. I ended the running process, and hopefully now I am back to full funcionality.